Monday, May 19, 2008

I Got Tagged!

I'm supposed to write six things about me, then tag six more people (I think this is how it works). I don't know if I can think of anything that I haven't already written here....

1 - In addition to my full-time job I contribute to a website that answers medical questions. It's called Doctor's Lounge and it gets a lot of traffic. Right now the forums are closed to new members who have questions because the owner of the site has been unusually busy in his work and this has taken a backseat, but stay tuned, there will be more later.

2 - I am fascinated by my ancestors but frustrated because I can't seem to get the photos I wish for (and even those I was promised I would inherit). Families.... Also, it's hard to get time for the hobbies I enjoy.

3 - I would like to do Karaoke, but mostly in the privacy of my own home! My secret desire would be to sing back-up for someone (and be really good at it!). Mostly, what voice I once had has lost something over the years and I have never had any formal music training to learn to read music - this is a regret for me. I took a few guitar lessons and one school year of violin in the 6th grade but there was nothing to tune the violin or guitar to, so I tended to only play at the lesson time (perhaps some laziness came into play as well). Just shows how little I really knew about music at all. I do love going to concerts, musicals, etc. I do regret not learning to play the piano. It's fun to see four of my grandchildren in lessons now.

3 - I love string instruments - especially viola, cello, mandolin and guitar. My kids loved to watch me "play" Dust in the Wind when it gets to the violin part. Who needs an instrument with a good radio in the car? So maybe they didn't "love" it as much as they got a chuckle out of it.

4 - I can waterski but rarely get a chance to do it. Some people don't know that about me. It's something I've always loved since learning at age 14. Without a boat, this is a hard talent to develop, however, so I'm not great at it but I can slalom under the right conditions - preferably on glass water at Lake Powell. If I had my way now I would probably buy a jet ski.

5 - I work hard and accomplish a lot, but I like to play too.

6 - So I couldn't count to six... (late entry). I was named after Debra Paget in her debut performance, Broken Arrow ("Sonseeahray" or "Morningstar") If you don't know who she is, you're probably young! I also have discovered two other people my age who were also named after her so apparently she was HOT!!!

With James Stewart in Broken Arrow (1950) The story has it my dad chose my name while my mom was pregnant with me and they went to see this movie.
In Bird of Paradise - the year I was born...
She never became a superstar but she was beautiful and she appeared in many movies and TV programs.
With Elvis in Love Me Tender (1956).
In The Ten Commandments (1956)
Now I tag others (I guess they need to be people who read my blog and who also have a blog): I tag: Ashli O, Michelle B-P., Glenae, Emily V, and Noelle M. (well, I read theirs anyway....) Hope to see something on you guys! It's fun to get to know some more about you. Oh, and you need to tag some more.

BTW, my counter here just showed 7777 visits to my blog. Must be my lucky day!

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  1. thanks...I knew there was a reason I just HAD to read your blog today :)


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