Sunday, September 7, 2008

Olivia's Baptism - Sept. 6, 2008

Here I am with Ken and Oliva (Grandma and Grandpa Miller)
Olivia with her Grandma and Grandpa Jackson (Harv and Joanne)
Rob and Olivia
Rob, Natalie, Ashlie, Olivia and Alex
After the baptism we hurried for a photo before everyone dispersed but Rob and Alex had mysteriously disappeared. They later turned up in the car but meanwhile we got this shot of the rest of the attendees. Top Row - Fred, Chris, Ken, Christine (Rob's sister), Scott (brother-in-law). Middle Row - Noah, Jennifer, Natalie, Debbie, Adam, Ashlie, Megan (Olivia's cousin just released from the hospital), Nicholas (Megan's brother). Bottom Row: Emma, Olivia, Elizabeth. Jon had to leave immediately after to do a family photo shoot.
The kids (after we found Alex)
Top Row - Ashlie, Noah, Adam, Nick, Megan
Bottom Row - Emma, Olivia, Alex, Elizabeth
Mom, Dad and Olivia

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  1. Wow, Olivia looks beautiful! I'm sooooo sad I missed another baptism. :(


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