Sunday, May 16, 2010

On tithing

From the Autobiography of Larry H. Miller:

"If you asked me what the turning points of my life were, I would say marrying Gail and paying tithing. Since that decision to pay tithing, the church has been the guiding force in my life -- in business, family, everything. I have undergone a curious change since then, as well. When I was younger, going to church was a duty, if I went at all. I did it because of social and family pressure. That all changed. Going to church became an enjoyable refuge for me and a place to learn. I love going to church, sitting there listening to the songs and the testimonies. It feels like a safe, comfortable place, and I have found something to be true that I have always preached to my employees: You can learn something in every meeting if you're teachable and have the right attitude and are humble."

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