Friday, February 18, 2011

The bright side of chocolate

Amani Chocolate
February is National Celebration of Chocolate Month or National Chocolate Lover's Month - depending on where you look.  A friend (and giver of chocolate) reminded me.  Of course to me, every month would be this.  "Chocolate (in moderation) may contribute to a healthy diet!" (K-State Nutrition Services)  Read more fun facts and history of this delectable indulgence here.  All chocolate is NOT created equal but clearly there is much variety in preferences between people!  My favorite candy would includes nuts (but not nougat or fluffy stuff) inside.  Good truffles with smooth fillings I like but prefer not the ones rolled in plain cocoa.  OK, I do discriminate a bit but in a pinch almost anything will do except the waxy stuff and Tootsie Rolls just don't count.

I do believe it is a mood lifter and aphrodisiac.  What could be more romantic than sharing great chocolate with someone you love?

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