Saturday, February 12, 2011

Infrastructure for Christianity

Mormon Times has this article with a perspective on the church which is often overlooked but when experienced is amazing.  I have felt this in service, as most people have, and the men who helped on my roof testified of similar experiences - that it was not hard or sacrificing to them as much as it was a blessing to them as they were spiritually uplifted in the process.  Of course they first had to volunteer to do the work but faith precedes the miracle and the witness came after their commitment and hard work.  These were men who "straightaway left their net" [and employment or other obligations] and followed.  Being a Christian requires work and sacrifice but the rewards are great.  And my definition of Christian is one who follows Christ and his teachings.

Today I enjoyed Les Miserables at Woods Cross High School.  I was blown away by this wonderful story I've seen a couple of times (once on Broadway) but each time I am moved even more.  I can't believe it was done by a high school.   Everything about it - set, chorus, leads, costumes, direction - all of it was outstanding.  Besides being one great literary piece, it has been remarkably translated, condensed to show-length and set to amazing music.  It is miraculous and the story is timeless.  I also appreciated that the school did it in spite of the references to God.  Good and evil were portrayed eloquently.  Bravo, Woods Cross music, theater and art departments (and all the volunteers, stage crew, etc.).  This was the best $5 I've spent in a long time. I was sobbing throughout the second act.  I think that's a pretty good indicator of how well-done this magnificent story was.  If a good show is done poorly, it tends to seem a bit comical and does not impact like this.  I can't say enough good about this!

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  1. This Woods Cross High production of Les Miserables was one of the best live, stage productions I've ever seen. It was head and shoulders above any other high school production I've ever seen and well beyond most semi-professional productions I've seen.

    Only the Broadway production was better, and then it wasn't better by much. I was especially amazed at the technical aspects of the production. The costuming was as good as the Broadway production, so was the lighting and the sound was almost as good. The sets also rivaled Broadway.

    The level of the high school performers, including their voice and projection was far beyond anything I've seen before in any high school production.


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