Monday, March 21, 2011

Happiness without children?

Several studies say people without children are happier than those with them.  How can they even determine that?  If they've never felt the joy that comes through your child, how can they know what they are missing?  Read one man's perspective and reaction to the "findings" here.

I guess this kind of sums it up:
"Some studies indicate that there may be compensating things such as life meaning and purpose, but when it comes to strict measures of plain old smiling happiness, the verdict might seem grim."

There MAY BE "compensating things"?  There certainly IS!  But, I suppose if your view of happiness involves having more things with more time to play with them, you might just think you have arrived.  I wouldn't trade having children (even having lost one of them) for being "free" or "rich."   I have always known where my treasure was and a life without children would have been tragic for me, as it is for many would-be parents.

Read this article too -  Motherhood - ultimate internship

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  1. Nothing else compares to having family (and especially children) close! Until I had a child, I didn't know the kind of love a parent can have for their children.

    I am so grateful I've been able to have four healthy children and that we live in a day and age that mortality rates are low.


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