Thursday, May 8, 2008

Celabrations & Jordan's Program


The boys display for Children's Day

Today is Jasmine's birthday. She was born in Japan 6 years ago and she is a little doll! Somehow I missed that it was Children's Day. In February Japan celebrates Girls Day and then, on the fifth of May, it's a day for all children but the boys get a little more special treatment since they don't get their own special day. These celebrations are a big deal - even more than birthdays and people buy elaborate displays for their homes with traditional dolls for the girls and boys toys on Children's Day.

Yesterday was her brother Jordan's sixth grade program. I can't believe I have a grandson who will be entering junior high this fall. He was also born in Japan and it just about killed me waiting until they arrived in the states to see my first grandchild! Here are some pictures from the program which had a Broadway theme. He sang in all the men's numbers and performed onstage in one from Les Miserables.

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  1. Oh my!! I definitely need a birthday list. I wish I had known it was about to be Jasmine's birthday. Does that mean it's about to be Emma's birthday?

    There is NO WAY Jordan is going to Junior High. That's completely ridiculous. Not fair not fair not fair not fair. :(


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