Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Miscellaneous Thoughts Today

I find it so nice that everything is green and when I go for my walk I can enjoy spots of shade and it feels so good. It's just me and my iPod - The Beatles.... Keith Urban.... Brad Paisley.... C.S. Lewis... What better company could I ask for?

I'm afraid I was very lazy and sedentary all winter and now I'm paying for it so I need to do more of this.

Sunday we had a Father's Day barbecue - Ken, his mom and all the kids who were local (we miss Aubrey & fam; Chris & fam were in Japan).

My computer was having trouble again. Fortunately Chris got home last night and even though he had been awake for 30 hours he figured out the problem and fixed it. In the process a network cable came undone but Fred figured that out this morning so I'm back in business again. It's so great to have tech support in the family.

Chris did feel the earthquake. Where they were it registered 4.5 and he was in the shower. He said it was pretty weird thinking that rescue workers might find you naked! Fortunately, they did OK and he didn't have to experience that or worse.

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