Saturday, September 20, 2008

Avery's Improving

Well, fortunately Natalie's assertiveness paid off and she spoke with the pediatrician who not only supported her breastfeeding efforts, but praised her, told her how it was even more important for a sick baby because of the numerous benefits - antibodies, antibacterial agents, etc. and it's the perfect food for her baby. This doctor was a different one covering at this hospital. Dr. Cosgrove is a well-loved pediatrician in the valley and we believe it was a direct blessing he was the doctor doing rounds today. He released Avery to be assigned to the regular nursery and they are just checking vital signs, recording his activity, and giving the antibiotics.

Natalie was also able to get rooming in on that floor (thanks to the social workers) so she can be there to take care of him. They are all very happy in spite of the continuing IV which has had to be changed several times already. At least he doesn't have to have IM meds. I'll post pictures later but it's late and Natalie's kids have been pretty wound up here tonight. It's finally settling and I'm heading for bed.

Thanks again for prayers on our behalf.


  1. Praise God for answered prayer! Yay! Yay! Yay! Prayers are still going up in Missouri! Tell Nat she did so good -- you just have to be a MAMA BEAR sometimes :-)


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