Monday, September 1, 2008

End of August Update - Labor Day!

It's been an eventful week. Karla is really ill and needs our prayers. It's all way too complicated for details but she is getting well gradually. As a result this weekend we have been able to spend more time with Jon, Liz and Madi so that's fun. Madi is gaining weight with supplements and Karla has discovered the value of herbal galactagogs for increasing milk supply - they really work! I have been advising these for women based on my knowledge but haven't actually had anyone close to me try them for testimonials. Nat is anxious for the birth of their baby this month and Grandma Baker will be celebrating her 80th birthday - the same day Asher will turn 3.

I can't believe fall is almost here. What happened to summer? I didn't waterski even once! I barely finished mowing the lawn when it got dark. I went inside and was shocked to find it was 8:30. How can it be dark at 8:30? I guess I'm in denial - just going along enjoying summer, busy in the details of life.

I do know this - the struggles and challenges that don't kill us make us stronger, so I guess we're flexing our muscles right now.

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