Wednesday, September 3, 2008

When it rains it pours! Whoever coined this phrase knew what they were talking about. Life brings lots of gray skies and these events seem to be clustered. So, I guess I'm going to do some whining here and you may not want to join my pity party. Feel free to move on to happier thoughts.

Lots of emotional stress - can't really escape that, especially with a large family. The physical and emotional challenges of those around me make me realize I should just shut up and count my blessings. I have a hard time

  • My fridge is leaking, from the ice maker most likely. I am buying another one from Chris but it will have to be in the garage where there is no water line so this won't solve the ice problem if I disconnect the line. The fridge is too big for my kitchen so for now it will be a backup which we can definitely use.
  • My roof is leaking, but only when it rains.
  • My dishwasher doesn't get water so of course it doesn't work! Water where I don't want it; none where I do.
  • I can't seem to format this list right! Spaces where I don't want them....
  • Half of a tooth suddenly fell off last night. I hate getting old!
  • My hard drive is out of space and I can't import pictures. It even says it's out of space for deleting unused files - go figure!
  • Karla's illness and related problems have turned Jon's life upside down and he is struggling. Nobody wants to see their kids in pain.
  • Aubrey is facing a huge mess in the house that renters trashed - broken and filthy (unrentable, unsellable) - this is ugly, expensive and stressful. She is out in Kansas so we can't even help her.
  • Our friend's newly diagnosed breast cancer results were not as hopeful as we would like and she faces real struggles.
  • Chris is selling everything but it's a bad time to sell so it's costing him lots of money. Anyone need a forklift? He's been working like crazy to get things ready for him to head out to Japan and of course I hate that too!
  • Jenn and Fred are very discouraged in their search for an affordable house!
  • Natalie's cute young teenage niece had her appendix burst and has had extensive pelvic damage. The doctors told the family she is lucky to be alive (sans one fallopian tube, segment of bowel; now with foreign body attached to her lung, ostomy bag and infection throughout the pelvic cavity) and they say it will likely adversely affect her ability to do pointe in ballet - her passion!
I guess that's enough whining for one post. Please keep praying!


  1. I'm so sorry about your house problems!! Steve and I will be fine, we'll figure something out...

  2. P.S. I love the rainy day music. It's raining here today, and it seems to really fit my (and everyone else's!) mood.

  3. The larger your family - the greater the joy, but also the greater opportunity for worry and concern - that's for sure!! Hope things get better for everyone.


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