Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Jenn!

She likes to have "birthday week" but I'm afraid this year she's had "service week" with everything that's going on here. She's helping care for Jon's girls and is in the midst of plenty of chaos. Hopefully she can get a few minutes of fun squeezed in here. She'd really rather go to Disneyland...

Jennifer with her family - Fred, Adam, Emma and Noah
On this day, way back when (maybe she wouldn't appreciate me giving the year).... Jennifer made her entrance. It was my shortest labor and smallest baby (hmmmm, maybe a connection here?). My water broke and I went in the next day for induction since labor didn't follow and four hours later, voila! This gave me hope that having babies did not have to be so traumatic. OK, it was a false hope, but nevertheless it kept me having them and I am very happy to have the great kids I have.

I need to get a scanner so I can insert old photos like Glenae does on her blog when she looks back on events of her life. Mine are still in print form. Of course I would also need time to actually do the scanning....

After I wrote this I got an email from Glenae with some of HER scanned photos that included my children. I am so impressed that she has done all this work and can even FIND what she needs at a moment's notice!

Glenae with Kory, Me with Justin and Jennifer - Chris behind with our dog, Sasha.At Kory's birthday party.
Chris, Jennifer, Justin and NatalieAnd now there are six.... Chris, Jenn, Nat, Aubrey, Justin, Jon
Jennifer has always been a very giving and loving person with a strong personality. She often does service anonymously. She is very talented, creative, and artistic. She is currently homeschooling her two boys. This is definitely a challenge but she's up to the task. She is a favorite aunt - the kids all gravitate to her and she adores them. She has great empathy for others and has often helped our extended family in times of need. She has great faith and a love for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


  1. Take her to the Olive Garden for me. I second all you said about your beautiful daughter. She is my favorite (don't tell the others). Happy birthday, Jenn.

  2. Oh that picture on the front porch of the six of them really takes me back. Jenn looks like such the mother hen!


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