Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Newborn Pneumonia

Ashli raised a good question. Why is a baby born with pneumonia? Click on the post title for an easy to understand article that discusses the condition of neonatal sepsis which can be localized in the lungs - pneumonia.

Often the newborn with pneumonia got it from aspirating fluid - blood, meconium (especially in the post-dates baby) and amniotic fluid. It seems unlikely this is the cause for Avery since he did not breathe at first, thus, not breathing prematurely while still in fluids. But, perhaps because he didn't get a lungful of air. I can only assume it might be related to the rough start, even though he was quickly resuscitated. Somehow the squeezing out of the lungs in the process of birth makes the lungs able to fill with air. It has long been known there is a higher rate of pneumonia in C-section babies and it is believed this is the reason. So, maybe a baby born vaginally can also be deprived of some of this normal process because of the stress of the tight cord around his neck. I'm speculating here....

We are very grateful he is in a hospital with a good NICU so he can get good care.

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