Thursday, September 18, 2008

Avery Update

I'm hoping interested parties are checking here for updates. I'm trying to actually function at work and don't really have time to make a lot of phone calls so this is easier. If you have questions, call me. Otherwise I'm trying to get back on track, though I have Fridays off now so it will be better on the weekend, I hope.

I saw the baby and Natalie this morning. The pediatrician came in while I was there. Avery is looking and doing much better. He is hungry (duh!) and was finally given the go-ahead last night to nurse. He has jaundice (another duh - he hasn't been allowed to eat and you can't get rid of the bilirubin without feeding). So he is now getting phototherapy and after his 10:00 and 11:00 dose of antibiotics they are going to transfer him to the regular nursery where he will continue to get antibiotics and some kind of lab testing will clue the doc into when he can have the meds stopped.

Of course it is difficult for Natalie to get to the hospital for round-the-clock feedings while getting some rest herself but she is very happy he is making good progress. We appreciate the prayers in his behalf and can feel the strength and healing that has come this way.


  1. Maybe Nat can stay at your mom's place?

  2. YAY! (do they have a Ronald McDonald house at that hospital? When Abby was born and had to stay for 8 days after I was released, they offered us the opportunity to stay at the Ronald McDonald house.)


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