Thursday, September 11, 2008

Utah on Patriot's Day (9/11)

Sandy City's tribute for Patriot's Day - 1776 American flags to commemorate the fallen.
My house - the Scouts put out flags as a fundraiser.
Also in the news...
Utah Friendly, Study Says by Jennifer Toomer-Cook -Deseret News
Utah has more kids than anywhere else, plenty of green Jell-O and Republicans as red as they come.

And according to the University of Cambridge, Utah now also can say it has some of the friendliest and most disciplined people in the United States.

The British university on Wednesday released a "personality map" of the United States. The map stems from an online survey of 620,000 people nationwide, who scored themselves on 44 statements about how they see themselves.

The idea was to encapsulate what psychologists call the big five personality traits: extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and openness. The study's aim was to pinpoint personality clusters and how they relate to health care, crime and other social data.

Utahns ranked fourth for agreeableness and conscientiousness. They were the eighth-most outgoing, 18th-most open and dead last for neuroticism.

"From that, we can begin constructing a sort of portrait," said the study's lead researcher, Jason Rentfrow, who is a lecturer at Cambridge.

The survey results suggest that the typical Utahn is "someone who's socially outgoing and kind and friendly and hardworking and rule-following, responsible, dependable. They probably feel connected to their neighbors and have a strong connection to their families," Rentfrow said. The survey results also suggest Utahns keep their cool under pressure, are "curious and imaginative and enjoy reflecting on abstract ideas."

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