Saturday, September 13, 2008

101 Things about me - Seriously So Blessed!

Lest I sound self-centered here, let me explain.... this is a tag thing. I wasn't actually tagged but I thought it was kind of cool when I read Glenae's so I decided to tackle it. Here's the result. No doubt next week I would think of many more things, some even more important than what is here but it was kind of fun to do so here goes. It's a good exercise in thinking about the little things that make us who we are. I would love to read some of your lists too, so consider yourself tagged - please share!

1. I love antiques and old things that might not even qualify as real antiques.
2. I wish I could play the piano or the violin or the cello or the guitar.
3. I like lists, as evidenced by the sidebar on my blog. Check out Meosphere.
4. I use too many exclamation points in my writing - need more ways to express emotion.
5. I love school and office supplies - it's my favorite aisle at the store.
6. I love to water ski and Lake Powell on a houseboat is one of my favorite things.
7. I love chocolate (Tootsie Rolls don't count). I prefer dark but any good chocolate will do especially with nuts or truffles. I don't care for nougat, caramel, coconut, insects, or other foreign objects in the chocolate. I prefer it's pure form with the exception of the nuts.
8. I have 7 children; six living/one stillborn.
9. I work two jobs - one full-time and one part-time that allows me to have some "mad money" - this is how I was able to buy my new computer!
10. I lived in Salt Lake City for 19 years, Price for 2 years Woods Cross for 2 years, West Jordan for 20 years, Farmington for 10 years and Bountiful for 4 years (I must be 57 at the end of this year).
11. I love to do genealogy and regret that I lack time for it currently. My dream is to be able to retire (sooner rather than later) and do some serious research, grave-hopping and writing.
12. I am the oldest of seven children (6 living). My mom was young when I was born so she is still a pretty young mom now.
13. I was very close to my maternal grandma and grandpa but also influenced by my paternal grandparents and I have an amazing pioneer heritage if you go back a few generations on my dad's side (Martin handcart company, Willie handcart company and other wagon companies).
14. I like to mow the lawn. People (men) sometimes offer to do it for me and they seem puzzled that I refuse. I would rather have them do the stuff I CAN'T (or don't want to) do.
15. I am technologically challenged when it comes to the TV remote, VCR, DVD player, etc. I am pretty competent using a computer but I don't really understand it and if it breaks I haven't a clue. Thank goodness for the tech support I have at home in my family. BTW, I would throw out the TV in a heartbeat but I can't live without the computer.
16. I can't swim worth a darn and have to rely on the life vest when I ski.
17. I hate snakes, reptiles, critters like mice and rats (not even crazy about the little things in cages) but I don't freak out over spiders (that doesn't mean I like them; I just don't scream). I like dogs and cats would be OK too if half my family weren't allergic to them. As a result I have no pets currently but this is OK as I hope to do more traveling in the future and pets can be a real hassle when you leave home.
18. I really want to go to England.
19. I love the ocean and can't believe I live in a landlocked state.
20. I love my king-size bed even though I only sleep on one side of it - easy to make it in the morning that way and I MUST make my bed every morning - no exceptions!
21. I like red...and blue...and purple....and black and white - especially in clothes. I never wear orange or green (unless you count teal).
22. I buy most of my clothes second-hand and this makes me feel rich because I can have dozens of shoes (kind of weird because I prefer to be barefoot and think I was meant to live in Polynesia). I also have over 30 white shirts (!). I once counted 12 red sweaters and knew it was time for a trip to the D.I. (for donation; not purchase this time). I get really excited about a Saver's half-price sale but if I want to go upscale and can spend more than $50 it's Ross, TJMaxx or Kohl's clearance. I love bargain shopping and I never go to the mall.
23. I'm a dominant blue personality on the Color Code which means I'm loyal to a fault, "in charge" and I can take on the world's guilt. I'm also a "Guardian" according to the Myer's Briggs Personality Scale.
24. I like history when presented in an interesting way. Abraham Lincoln is my greatest hero and I recently have come to appreciate John and Abigail Adams very much.
25. I was a Girl Scout.
26. I love musical theater.
27. My secret desire is to be a backup singer in a band - nothing heavy; more folksy.
28. I like cut glass, lead crystal and covered candy dishes.
29. I am NOT artistic but appreciate this ability in others.
30. I hate to paint (walls, etc.) and I'm told I can't do it anyway.
31. I hate to pull weeds but I like a nice yard so I do it anyway.
32. Speaking of which...I am very responsible and I do what needs to be done and I plan so it isn't a last minute rush. Procrastination drives me crazy and I almost always get my work done before I play. If not I can't enjoy the play!
33. I love my grandchildren and wish I could spoil them with trips to Disneyland. I would also love the time off work to do it.
34. I lost my passport! It was expired anyway but it says online that you save money and time getting the next one if you turn in the old. Not having one worries me because I really want to travel and I need to be ready in case I win that contest or get a chance to see my family in Japan.
35. I was a student body officer at our small college.
36. I really wanted to be a student-body officer, madrigal or Letter-hi (drill-type thing) in high school. Huge regret that I didn't make any of them. I seemed to always make it to the last cut. Not being able to do cold sight-reading is what kept me out of madrigals and being short I was told cost me the coveted letter I wanted. At that time people didn't worry about political correctness and they decided height would be a consideration in choosing the winners. Life isn't fair! I did enjoy concert choir, under the leadership of Ralph G. Rodgers, and Pep Club with Nellie as our advisor. These were probably my two favorite high school teachers.
37. I loved my first car (1950 Pontiac Chieftan) and it broke my heart when I learned my dad sent it to the shredder after giving me a newer plain-Jane Ford that had no working heater. If I had lots of money I would search for a car like my Pontiac to buy. They're very rare and even if I had the money I might not find one. Maybe Leno will keep an eye out for me. It was my first real antique! (Additional note: I found one in Spokane for sale for $4,900 - wish I were wealthy and could do it on a lark - would like the trip too). There was another one in Minnesota, restored, and they wanted $23000 for it. Wonder what the scrap metal price was.
38. My heritage is mainly British and Danish with a little Scottish and German thrown in.
39. I was named after Debra Paget, (an actor from the 50s) and specifically from her performance with Jimmy Stewart in the movie, Broken Arrow.
40. I wish I could afford someone to clean my house but I would probably feel compelled to clean it before they arrived so they wouldn't think I was a slob.
41. I love my house and yard - it's not fancy, not expensive. The decor is eclectic and there are improvements I would like to make but I am very comfortable.
42. I love showers; baths only when I am chilled, achey or ill.
43. My favorite Church calling is teaching Relief Society. I also enjoyed being R.S. President. I'm not so good with the kids classes and I don't do music.
44. I hate having my family living far away - Herriman, Kansas, Japan.
45. I have no desire to shop at Nordstrom's (weird I know). Where's the rush if you have to pay a lot of money for something?
46. My favorite dog breed is dachsund and most dogs seem to like me.
47. I once had a horse run away with me. Since then I really have no desire to get on one.
48. I like to do Sudoku puzzles and I hope it fends off Alzheimer's.
49. I hope I never have to go to a care facility or be taken care of. I pray God takes me first.
50. I really like eyelet fabric, tablecloth lace and lace curtains.
51. I can sew but it's been so long I'm probably not so good at it any more.
52. I went back to school when I had four children, had just lost a baby and I had another while a student. It was hard, but I'm glad I now have a career; not just a job.
53. My kids think I'm Dex and Dex knows everything. (They don't always agree with me however).
54. I have had a few surgeries and have never had a bad reaction to anesthesia. I have had some "natural deliveries" for my babies (but not by choice).
55. I don't feel my age.
56. I'm a believer in emergency preparedness but I need to be more organized in this.
57. I love having a filled pantry and freezer so I do not have to run to the store all the time. I hate grocery shopping but as that goes, Costco is good because large sizes means fewer trips.
58. I love eBay, Amazon and other online shopping.
59 I was a little bit fanatical as a mom, needing my kids to be bathed daily, dressed in clean, neat clothes and with a regular bedtime.
60. I am a proud Twilighter.
61. I love country music and Brad Paisley is probably my current favorite artist, but I also love other types of music. (Rap isn't music)
62. I tend to think everyone should be self-sufficient and responsible.
63. I love to eat chocolate chips - don't need the cookies and I've discovered that a jar on my counter is just as good to the grandchildren as a cookie jar.
64. I'm practical and down-to-earth. I don't need famous labels or brand names.
65. I believe all people are created equal.
66. I am somewhat vulnerable because it is hard for me to believe people might intentionally hurt others.
67. I hate that there's cancer and other devastating diseases, disasters, injuries, pain and suffering.
68. I believe that friendships should last forever.
69. I love my little Honda but I miss having a minivan which was almost as good as having a truck when I bought something big.
70. I would love to travel throughout the U.S.A.
71. I don't care for cruises. I'm glad I have experienced this but would prefer to just fly to the destination.
72. I would like to go to Hawaii, Australia and Japan.
73. I dislike people who laugh AT others, make fun of them or feel superior.
74. I hate it when people put down Utah (especially while enjoying living in Utah because it is a relatively "safe" place) or Mormons (especially those who profess to be Christian and should be more loving towards all people). It is disturbing to me that even pastors of other churches put down our faith publicly and "warn" their congregations, telling them we aren't Christian. You will never see our Church leaders do that about any other religious group.
75. My middle name is Kay. When I was young people would ask what it stood for and I wished I could say it was for Karen or something; not just sounding like a letter. But now it's all good.
76. All three of my daughter-in-laws' names start with K.
77. I wish my birthday wasn't so close to Christmas.
78. I am pretty easy to please but I don't show appreciation like I should.
79. I tend to speed and I like to drive the freeway rather than surface roads with stoplights.
80. I work as a pregnancy case manager and lactation educator but have also worked in pediatrics, med-surg, post-partum, emergency, psych, TB/epidemiology, and school nursing.
81. If I were doing it over again I would become a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Now I just want to retire ASAP.
82. I would love to live in New York or Washington D.C. or somewhere on the East coast in a brownstone.
83. I feel like very few people really know me.
84. I keep a sporadic journal - it's scary to record personal feelings others may read and mock someday.
85. I'm pretty outspoken and a mama bear when my children are under attack.
86. I like to dance.
87. I have been plagued by acne my whole life - now it's wrinkles and zits together - no fair!
88. I love spring. Fall is great too but it is the harbinger of winter which I hate so I don't enjoy it like I should.
89. I love flowers, the gardens at Temple Square and BYU.
90. I have attended BYU Campus Education Week for almost 20 years, missing only one year when my oldest son got married, we moved and I started a new job all at the same time.
91. I hate driving a manual transmission car and would never buy one intentionally.
92. I hate towing a car behind me but I once did it well.
93. I love the convenience of a cell phone but I never text and I hate it when others do it compulsively, rudely (while visiting with someone) or unsafely (while driving a car).
94. I wear reading glasses now and keep about a dozen pair scattered around. 3 year old Liz saw me with them and said,
"actually, you don't wear glasses!" (Actually!)
95. I am afraid of falling and I don't like the ferris wheel or the sky ride.
96. People who lose their tempers and yell upset me. I prefer to keep my distance from them.
97. I like living in Utah but would be a snowbird if I could have a winter home in St. George or southern California.
98. Next week I will have 16 grandchildren.
99. I was divorced after 35 years of marriage. I'm not proud of the failure but it was the right thing to do.
100. I plan to get married again. I am a "married" kind of person and want to share life with someone. I believe in marriage.
101. I chose to be LDS and I love the Lord, I love the Gospel and it brings happiness and meaning to my life.


  1. That was fun. I didn't know we had the same middle name.

  2. Great list. So fun to be able to keep in touch again. And I agree once a friend, always a friend.

  3. Sorry McKell was still logged in. That comment came from me.


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