Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I miss these guys!

Kiyomi is a wonderful Japanese cook. She makes it fun for her kids in the kitchen.
Kiyomi, Jaelyn, Julia, Jasmine
Some photos and my grandchildren with me (right now they're on the other side of the world).
Julia (I don't have one of us together)
Jasmine on her birthday
Jenn has been busy working on their Bountiful house in hopes of getting it sold so Chris can join them. They miss him and he's anxious to see them too. I have to think of how tough that is for them and quit whining about myself.

Karla and Madi are back in town after a month away. Karla got to spend some time with her sister in North Dakota. Now her mom, Grandma Bev, is visiting here for a couple of weeks. Jon has rebuilt his motorcycle and almost has it finished. He also started a new job today. It's been a stressful time for them. Madi's Early Intervention appointment is coming up soon.

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