Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Check this site to decide if you're a harmless packrat or compulsive hoarder. WebMD I think for me, it depends on whether I'm talking about ME or the OTHERS I am living with. Of course my "stuff" is valuable :)
How do you know when your "collecting" or being a "harmless pack rat" becomes "hoarding" and is interfering with your life, your job, and your relationships? Most of us have some degree of this condition - at least the people I know. But, when does it cross the line?... Most of us hold on to things we don't need -- stacks of old magazines we think we'll read someday, piles of receipts we never find time to clean out, a favorite shirt or dress we hope will come back into style... saving stuff is an avoidance behavior. You don't need to decide whether to throw it away.

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