Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

It used to be called Decoration Day and the idea is to show respect and appreciation for soldiers fallen in combat.  It now has evolved to remembering all those who died before us and/or having a barbecue with family.  This year it's a work day for  us - everyone is struggling to get the outside spring work done.  The late rains have delayed planting gardens, weeding flowerbeds and other outdoor tasks.  Josh and Asher "helped" me prepare the garden spot for the squash they planted from seed a few weeks ago.  I'll post pictures on the grandma blog.

I'm really feeling the anemia and lingering health issues and I don't like it!  My energy level is nowhere near normal.  Suddenly a condo sounds good.  Just kidding, I hate HOAs and I do need some yard and space.  In spite of the work, I like this place! 

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