Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Marriage Tips

Orson Scott Card is a favorite writer of mine.  He compiled some good advice on marriage here.

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  1. Excellent article. I particularly liked these two points:

    1. Respond to anger with calmness, love, and kindness. That can only be done if you recognize that the one who is angry is actually in pain and is hurting. OSC did not recommend that we respond to anger with condemnation for the anger itself, and certainly not toward the spouse who is hurting and angry.

    2. Women should be women and men should be men. God made us as men and women, with different areas of responsibility in the marriage and with the emotional characteristics required to carry out those different roles. We are not supposed to be the same. Trying to make your spouse be more like you is a recipe for disaster.

    Besides, if you were both alike then one of you wouldn't be needed . . . and when someone no longer feels needed they tend to no longer find value in the marriage.


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