Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lawnmower broke!


Fortunately I obtained an old fashioned push mower a couple of years ago. Steve O cut the grass for me so we could have our party and campout as planned. He and Jon are trying to determine if the mower is fixable.

And inside...the saga continues. Electrical problems - some outlets don't work; some seem to work at lesser capacity. Why not?

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  1. The first time I heard the song, "Bring on the Rain" it was when we were going through a lot of stuff all at once and for some reason that song struck me; I just thought, BRING IT ON, I CAN TAKE IT! I listened to that song a lot during those struggles and it always reminded me that I can take what life has dealt me and I can come out better because of it!

    I don't know why it's pouring rain on you...but YOU CAN TAKE IT!


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