Tuesday, July 13, 2010


  • The First Thing She Can't Do Without - Affection
  • The First Thing He Can't Do Without - Sexual Fulfillment
  • She Needs Him to Talk to Her - Conversation
  • He Needs Her to Be His Playmate - Recreational Companionship
  • She Needs to Trust Him Totally - Honesty and Openness
  • He Needs a Good-looking Wife - An Attractive Spouse
  • She Needs Enough Money to Live Comfortably
  • He needs Peace and Quite - Domestic Support
  • She Needs Him to Be a Good Father - Family Support
  • He Needs Her to Be Proud of Him - Admiration

  • This is from a good marriage book, His Needs; Her Needs by Willard Harley, Jr. I read the book, then heard him speak. He has summarized the most typical needs of men and women in relationships and he admits they are sometimes in a little different order, but usually the five needs for each pop up. It's pretty basic, but profound stuff.

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    1. Our pastor had us read this book before we got married, and I give the book to all of the newly-engaged couples in my life. Best marriage book ever, in my opinion. Brian and I have re-read it together a couple of times during our marriage.


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