Monday, July 12, 2010


I really enjoyed the Twilight series (books) and the movies (not as much). I can somewhat understand a woman's potential obsession with these romantic fantasies. I feel extreme behavior should always be a red-flag so carrying any obsession to such extremes can interfere with normal relationships. I have seen people live in a fantasy world and it doesn't make for a healthy life or marriage. Laura Brotherson, author of And They Were Not Ashamed, wrote her concerns in Mormon Times. I found the article interesting and the concepts, while not exclusive to "Twilight" very accurate. Lest a fellow Twilighter think I am going to the dark side, I do enjoy a good romance. I also loved Sleepless in Seattle. But, keeping the movies, or books, where they belong keeps this momentary escape from reality from becoming harmful to real life.

When I was young, I remember a neighbor (a mom of a friend) reading those romance magazines and novels. She always had some of the steamy magazines in the bedrooms and bathrooms and when I was there I sometimes picked one up to see what it was about. Did I have my eyes opened! And this was in the early 60s - I'm sure they are more graphic now. But, it was clear to me that this was extreme and merely entertainment. Nevertheless I knew the degree to which some people got immersed in this was a time waster for sure. Fortunately I was blessed with a degree of common sense and I've always steered away from extremes in behavior, clothes, ideas, etc. It just makes sense to avoid the far edges. Leaning left or right is fine as long as it doesn't define you to the point that you forget that others have rights to their opinions and ideas too. So, that's a subject for another time.

Meanwhile, I'll see Eclipse, and I'm looking forward to it - when I can find time amid my other more important parts of my life. When I do, it will be a two hour escape from the other kind of crazy in my life and then I'll be back with my own family and problems. It's OK for me to dream a little about Edward (or Paul McCartney or Robert Redford). Read her article for some good insights on how this type of obsession can be harmful to real-life romance here.

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