Thursday, August 12, 2010

Like the Waltons

Michael McLean is an LDS musician. I came across something he wrote. This was not the main point of the article which was explaining a song he wrote, but just a side note that rang a bell for me:
I went to the “great room” of our house. Perhaps I should mention here that at the time our place was sort of like THE WALTONS television show, and I was John Boy. My mom and dad lived there, my wife and our three kids, and my sister and her husband and their three children.
I believe this kind of living arrangement is not only something from the past depression-era but also something of my present and many people's future in this recession-era. It is also quite normal in many parts of the world where people don't have to own so much "stuff" or have homes large enough for an entire army.

Now if I can just convince everyone here to work as hard as the Waltons at getting the chores done and if they could laugh and share while washing the dishes or peeling potatoes together...

G'night, John Boy.

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