Thursday, October 21, 2010


Gotta wonder about some folks' definition of Christianity. Read here about parents rejected as Cub Scout leaders because they are Mormons. But, for another view, read here. Evangelicals also face media stereotyping. In fact, almost every group who professes right vs wrong at times come under media attack. I liked what this writer said:

"Even though Latter-day Saints and evangelicals disagree about doctrine, and there are painful interactions from time to time, the fact is in the national political dialogue, Latter-day Saints and evangelicals need one another in supporting mutually agreeable causes in America's culture war.

The continual media focus on conflict between evangelicals and Latter-day Saints can make both religions less effective advocates in America's important political dialogues." (Lane Williams ~ Mormon Times)

Very cool news here about the Dead Sea Scrolls being made available online.

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