Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Church response

To set the record straight, this is the official response to recent accusations and assaults against our religion and beliefs. Newsroom

It's all pretty ironic but taking bits and pieces out of context and spinning them to suit seems petty to say the least. Bullying for any reason is wrong and suicide is tragic no matter who it is or what the reason. Gay tendencies in a "straight" majority are certainly not the only conflict that sometimes leads to this tragic conclusion. I don't believe we can eliminate all the variables that might make a person despair to the degree of such action. Each case has its own cause and having no morals or ecclesiastical design would not make for a utopia where suicide does not exist.

We can strive toward a moral society and live more Christ-like lives and that would lead to greater happiness and realization of the importance of every individual. Life is precious. This is why murder and abortion are wrong. Each individual, imperfect as we are, comes from God and should be valued as such.

Meridian's Maureen Proctor writes more here.

Does anyone else notice the irony as Mormons are attacked for their beliefs (and have been since the 1800s?

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