Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Natalie!

My beautiful daughter, Natalie was born on Columbus Day. Love you, Nat! Have a great day. I know she doesn't want me to post a picture - maybe if I get pre-approval I'll add one. It's something that runs in our family (camera-phobia) but doesn't usually show up until our adult years. Natalie's request for her birthday was that we do some endowments so we're taking a family temple trip tonight. It's a gift for her ancestors.

Update: our paths crossed but I heard she got a wonderful birthday gift from her loving hubby, Rob! It's so great to see thoughtful men in my family.

I also noticed that the Doctor's Lounge posted an article I submitted. It's a blog designed for professionals - health care providers - to share their knowledge, comment and ask questions in a community atmosphere. Check it out here.

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