Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloweens Past

1986 - Aubrey and Jon
1976 - Justin
1976 - Chris
1981 Justin and Chris
1986 - Chris dressed up for a Mutual party (you can certainly tell it was the 80s with these peg-leg pants). This was one of my nurse uniforms, but I know I didn't wear them this way. Of course we were moving out of the nurse's cap era too:)
This wasn't Halloween (it was 50s day at school) but the costumes were fun!
1981 - Nat and Jenn
1980 - Justin, Natalie, Jenn, Chris
1984 - the ward always had a Halloween party and families dressed up in themes with a parade and contest. This year we were Babes in Toyland. Natalie (Raggedy Ann), Jon (clown doll), Chris (toy soldier), Jenn (baby doll), Justin (Pinocchio puppet).
1977 - Natalie was a newborn. Here are Jenn, Justin and Chris.
Getting a bunch of my pictures scanned to a disk was my Christmas gift last year from Nat and Jon. It was a wonderful gift. I still need to finish organizing and labeling them.


  1. I think the 198? date is 1980. Fun to see old pictures!

  2. What threw me off on that one was Jenn's bangs. In the Indian costume she had none...I assumed that meant she had cut them by the other photo but you (Nat) look younger so I was confused.


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