Friday, November 5, 2010

Sabbath Day Observance Punished?

Remember the movie (what was it called?) where the athlete refused to compete on Sunday? It's sad that such values as portrayed in that film are now considered even more obsolete.

For the Southern Virginia University women's soccer team, the choice of whether or not to compete on Sunday is clear — even when the outcome is not.

SVU, a liberal arts college in Buena Vista, Va., that embraces Mormon values, has always chosen not to play on Sunday. This year, as the women's soccer team prepares to play at a United States Collegiate Athletic Association-sponsored tournament at Vermont Technical College, the school has a difficult decision.

According to school officials, SVU has been notified by the USCAA that if it chooses to forfeit a Sunday game at the tournament, the entire athletic department could face sanctions. Such sanctions may impact SVU's ability to compete in future tournaments and receive postseason recognition. (Read the article here).


  1. My daughter Melanee is on the SVU soccer team. They won their game on Friday 3-0, then won again on Saturday 1-0....qualifying them for the Championship game, but since it was on Sunday, and the USCAA was unwilling to make consessions for their Sabbath day observance, SVU took 3rd place and went home empty handed. You can read my opinion on my blog about this whole subject....if you want...but I just wanted to say HI. (and great blog!)

  2. embraces Mormon values? It's crazy because there are many religions that have the same values as Mormons...i think they go overlooked sometimes....The Sabbath day is observed my most all religions....
    crazy how by living here in Utah sometimes people forget that these Christian values are shared by soo many other Christian religions....
    My son's friend said to my son one day " how can you be Christian if you aren't Mormon?"
    strange how people in Utah sometimes forget that there are MANY Christians out there...and really are doing a dis-service to their children by not teaching them about alllll religions.

  3. This college mentioned (SVU) is actually a private school based on LDS values (kind of like how Charter schools can determine their focus and plan their curriculum accordingly - arts, language, college prep, etc. and private ones may have a Catholic or Lutheran focus). But, it is not a church-sponsored school like BYU. That is why they refer to it that way (embracing Mormon values). Of course there are plenty who misunderstand Mormons and who also misunderstand others with differing faiths. You are absolutely right, Michelle, that other religions are "overlooked" but in many cases it is because they are finding fault with "Mormons" due to prejudice, like with Prop 8. The LDS Church got the majority of the flak over than and many other Christians felt they were overlooked on that too. It seems to be more PC to attack the Mormons than the "Christians" generally.
    And of course there are Mormons (and Mormon children) who have mistaken ideas too. Sometimes in their zeal to defend their Christianity, it could be seen in the opposite view as with your son's friend. Believe me, no matter where you are or who your neighbors are, there will be offensive words, bad behavior and injustices/misunderstanding. It is important to do our best to better understand. My desire for moral based leadership goes way beyond Obama. I have never professed that the presidency had so much power in and of itself. That is precisely why I thought it was ludicrous that people thought Obama could cure all the ills. It just isn't all done by the presidency but by the three branches of our government, which are becoming blurred now as the judicial branch is often overriding the executive and legislative branches - even to the point of single judges overruling voting by the people. And the scary part about that is that the judicial branch is run by money more than any other since court costs and attorney fees often prohibit some people from getting "justice." He with the most money wins usually.


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