Thursday, June 23, 2011

Leaky toilet

3 trips to Lowe's for parts.  At least this is in the "clean" tank.  I read on the internet what to do and just wasn't sure which one would fit.  Of course I picked the wrong one of the two choices.  Jenn said I should buy both and then take the wrong one back.  But I guess you get the same number of visits anyway.

I left my debit card at the Olive Garden.  We had a work lunch there and the hyper nurse was in such a hurry to get out (and back to work) she gathered all the individual payment folders, complete with my card, and gave them to the server.  They came back the same way, in a stack and I'm thinking, "I don't have any change  coming" - duh - I think I don't go out to eat often enough.  Of course that's almost 30 minutes from home where I hadn't planned to go this weekend...

Now that I'm working in Bountiful I also can go to the Farmer's Market on Thursday evenings.  How cool is that?  It's like a mini fair/boutique/eatery all together right here in town.  There was produce, homemade baked goods - some amazing cookies and strawberry-rhubarb pie.  Samples too!

Maybe tomorrow we'll head to Manti for the Pageant.  The kids had fun last year, sleeping in the park and all.  Kind of last minute to think about it but, why not?  We were hoping Jon's kids would be here for it this year...

So, that's about it for my day.  It's HOT out there now - summer's official even by the calendar.  On Sunday we had an inch of rain!  That is unheard of for the 19th of June in Utah. 

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