Friday, June 17, 2011

Love being dad...

Scott Proctor of Meridian Magazine shares his thoughts on being a dad here.

Jon also loves being a dad.  His children also love him.  Being separated from them has been devastating!  He is happy he will soon be able to see them again.  Of course it would be even better if he could have them here for Father's Day.  Hopefully this will be the last one he has to be without them.

I will get to meet another very happy dad this Sunday.  

I was invited to a baby blessing for a little one whose mom I worked with in our pregnancy program (my previous job).  I did pregnancy support and case management for high-risk pregnancies - mostly by phone, blog and email.  She, like I (many years ago, but still a vivid memory), had a full-term stillborn son.  She also had another early pregnancy loss.  We bonded through our common experience and she was like another daughter to me as I visited with her, shared her fears and her excitement with each milestone while baby Joe was developing.  Sharing another person's pain and loss after having experienced it gives new meaning to the situation and some explanation for it.  We are here to help one another and fill each others' lamps.  Empathy and compassion are learned skills as well as God-given gifts - oh, yeah - that's how God gives them to us!

Also, like me, she had another son who came about 4 weeks early but is healthy!  We will celebrate on Sunday, I will meet the whole family and we can finally hug.  This is the best part about being a nurse...and a mom...and a grandma...and a sister to many lovely people out there in my "extended family"!

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