Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Romney - too conscientious?

Newsweek's new cover story on former Massachusetts's Gov. Mitt Romney says the GOP presidential hopeful has one problem: he's too "conscientious."
"In fact," the article's author, Andrew Romano, writes, "it is the only trait of (Romney's) that qualifies as clinically 'prominent.'" 

There's more so read the DesNews article here and the Newsweek cover story here....
The reason for Romney's low score, according to Immelman: today's electorate rejects candidates who are considered "conscientious" or in other words "proper, diligent, detail-oriented and super-rational."
Wow!  What have we fallen to?  What really matters to us as Americans?  Apparently a good, strategic campaign - that's about it.

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  1. I liked The Daily Show's coverage of GOP candidates last night. First Rick Perry trying to discredit Mitt Romney:

    Then Jon Stewart's commentary about this ridiculous candidate-search process that Republicans are going through:

    Those clips were back-to-back in the episode, but it's faster to share these links than the entire episode. From the clip:

    "Have you ever considered the possibility that maybe the candidates aren't the problem? Maybe it's you! You seem hard to please or figure out! You're unrealistic! I mean uh, you're pro life, yet... [plays clip of Republican crowd cheering when Texas Governor Rick Perry's record as the state with the highest execution rate is mentioned] What was that?!? You're afraid of death panels, yet for uninsured coma patients... [plays clip where audience cheers when Ron Paul is asked if an uninsured man in a coma should be allowed to die since he chose to not purchase health insurance; the cheering was an affirmative response to the question if the man should die – the question, not the cheering, was the response to something Ron Paul had previously stated]. That's the crowd, "Yeah!!" You guys support the troops. Well, except for Captain Creatine over here [while playing a clip of a soldier who finally felt relief at being able to come out of the closet as a gay soldier after the repeal of DADT; earlier in the episode this clip was played followed by a clip of candidate Rick Santorum saying that if he were president DADT would be reinstated because sex has never been a part of US Military Service, followed by a montage of clips assembled by The Daily Show staff of overtly sexual messages by the US Military]. It's like the Republican base is at war with its own talking points. 'I want someone who's going to cut taxes. And balance the budget! Someone who is a skilled orator, but doesn't talk all fancy. The child of poor immigrants who will build a fence to keep them out of this country. Someone who is strong enough for a man but PH balanced for a woman! Someone who will roll up their sleeves but not show their arms.' I feel like if this guy came along today [displays a photo of Ronald Reagan] the response would be, 'I don't really go for those Hollywood-types.' It's like your ideal candidate is a rare, super-heavy element that can only exist in a particular particle accelerator. And even then only for a fraction of a second before you all remembered how much you hate science. You guys need to take a long, hard look in the mirror. You need to take a long, hard look in the mirror and not come away thinking, 'You know, there's something wrong with this mirror.'"


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