Monday, October 10, 2011

The prejudice of our age...Anti-Mormonism

Reverend Myke Crowder, Evangelical Pastor in Utah spoke out today against Jeffress.  Nice to see common sense prevail - at least here.  Jon Huntsman kind of summed it up, saying Jeffress was a "moron."

Anti-Mormonism: 'the prejudice of our age'

"...Another reporter, former Congressman Joe Scarborough who now works for MSNBC, wrote a guest column for in which he challenges the Christian conduct of those who attacked Romney's LDS Church membership last weekend.
"I have always been fascinated by mere mortals who arrogantly ignore Jesus's teachings to make declarations about the salvation of other men's souls," Scarborough wrote. "Modern American politics as practiced by [Dallas pastor Robert] Jeffress and his ilk require that Jesus Christ be thrown under the bus with great regularity by the very same people who claim his name."
"That's not just bad politics," he added. "It is bad theology."
Scarborough makes no claim on being particularly righteous himself. But he said that one thing he remembers from his Baptist upbringing is "Jesus Christ's repeated warnings to his followers to shun the self-righteousness of religious leaders and instead to lead with love."
Like Saletan, Scarborough was also critical of other candidates who "exercised their right to remain silent in the face of Jeffress' outrageous statement."
A few others weigh in: Washington TimesWall Street Journal, S.L.Tribune,

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