Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mormon bashing - acceptable prejudice?

Good article by a non-LDS Christian academic, Thomas C. Terry is found here in Inside Higher Ed.  It's worth reading.  He does a brilliant job defending the church without being untrue to his own.  He asserts:
Many of the academics consider themselves liberal, socially responsible, and broad-minded individuals, the repository of the best in America. They’re proud of themselves for voting for Barack Obama (a bit too smug maybe?). They would splutter and bluster and be generally outraged to be considered prejudiced. None would consider saying anything similar about African-Americans, Muslims, Jews, Native Americans . . . well, you get the idea. But anti-Mormonism is part of the same continuum that contains discrimination against any group. Why, then, is it allowable publicly express bias against Mormons?

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  1. I was just telling a friend that we must all accept one another. If no one is being hurt then who am I to tell someone that they can't live how they choose.


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