Monday, November 26, 2012

Sobering truth...Re-election of Obama = downer!!

In so many ways.  #1 Benghazi
How is it that he can decide definitively in just a day or two that it was caused by a stupid video - no investigation needed pre-election.  And now it's taking months to find the reason.  Hmmm.  Incompetence or impeachment material?  Lies, lies and more lies.

Buyer's remorse....

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  1. The writer of this article asks: " . . . how come a third of these people, who must have actually voted for President Obama on November 6th, are now just waking up to the fact that he is the most corrupt and clueless charlatan of a president in United States history?"

    His question misses the point. They haven't "just now awakened" to that fact. They knew it all along when they voted for him. They voted for him because he and his cronies promised to take care of them (financially, healthwise, etc.) and that's all they were thinking about. They can honestly answer the question as to whether or not they believe that the economy is going to get better by saying "No, I don't think it is going to get any better", because they believe there is a never ending supply of government aid that will continue to flow to them no matter what state the economy is in . . . and they will be taken care of by the government regardless of whether or not the economy fails.

    They have no concept of what economic failure leads to. They have always lived in a world where things were good, where others took care of them and they haven't actually studied any history to find out what happens to whole civilizations who think the way they do. They don't even have a clue as to what happened right here in the US in the 1930s . . . right after the "Roaring 20s", when people had the same attitude that they have now . . . that things will always be good. And if they have looked at what happened in the 1930s, they got the wrong message; they came away with the understanding that the government took care of the people just fine. They have no clue that the economic policies of the 1930s would have lead to even greater disaster for the people if they had continued for another decade. World War II was the result of world wide economic depression. WWII "saved us" from seeing the results of the welfare state that was implemented in the 1930s, and all we have done since then is deepen our children's (and our own) believe that that way of life will result in peace and prosperity for us and our children and grandchildren.

    Nothing could be further from the truth . . . the history of the fall of other great civilizations has shown the validity of that truth over and over again. We're just to stupid, as a people, to realize that we are not a special case; we are no different than they were and we'll suffer the same result unless WWIII "saves us" from our current stupidity. When the great economic collapse comes that leads to WWIII it will come as a great surprise to 95% of the American people - BOTH Democrats AND Republicans . . . and each side will continue to blame the other one, never realizing that they are both wrong . . . that their two different forms of greed would have led to the same result.


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