Monday, May 13, 2013

I have to admit, I've been depressed since the election but that's not the reason I quit blogging.  When Google changed the way to do blogspots I just got frustrated.  I don't like it when they make things more complicated for some of us aging baby boomers. 

By way of news, Chris and his children got to come home but the great U.S. who lets scary guys in the country who hail from terrorist-training countries, won't let this property-owning wife and mother with not even so much as a traffic ticket come home to be with her family.  Even though her green card is supposed to be good until 2017, Immigration doesn't like green card holders to leave the country.  So, we're praying.  Better not get me started.

And then there's the lying, corrupt President O.  Shameful!

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