Thursday, April 17, 2008


For anyone who knows me it is no surprise that I don't get into fantasy. I haven't even read Harry Potter but I just finished New Moon (second in series by Stephenie Meyer) and I'm starting on Eclipse tonight. I'm hooked!

Late note: The Eclipse I picked up from the library turned out to be Spanish!!! I guess the word is the same as in English so the title looked right and of course the author's name was in English - the small print below her name was in Spanish but I was so excited to be able to get the book quickly I didn't look closely. So, I've requested a copy. Hopefully it will be in soon; my Spanish wont' cut it. In fact most of the Spanish I know I learned from the kids in Head Start when I worked there and at least 45% of the kids were Spanish speaking. I learned all the names of the figures on the eye chart anyway.


  1. Speaking of Spanish... I started getting all my tv/internet bills in Spanish because of my last name. I also got a job offer because the man assumed I was bi-lingual from my last name... when I told him I wasn't, he got off the phone rather quickly. Starting to get annoying...

  2. Right, Jenn has the same problem! It is annoying to see that kind of racial profiling by name.


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