Tuesday, September 23, 2008


(Added note) ~ Sorry, Ashli - I did notice your immediate comment after you saw her on the show....

One really amazing thing that happened this last week was a little overshadowed by the scary stuff but I was really surprised that nobody commented at all that Aubrey appeared on Oprah and talked to her via Skype! Not that I expect people to comment regularly even but I did think someone would find that interesting. She didn't have a lot of notice since it was response to a show from the previous week and until it taped she wasn't even positive they would include her so there wasn't a lot of warning. They didn't even tell her until the day of the taping that it would air the next day. But I thought she did an excellent job. She was composed, articulate and we were really proud of her. Am I the only one who really thinks this is something? Hmmmmm - well I am her mom.


  1. Justin and I thought she did a good job. I think that most people commented on her blog about it.

  2. i thought she did a great job...I would not be able to speak so clearly etc on national tv...ugh. I actually commented on her blog, which i saw a few other people maybe that's where all the comments are :) Great job Aubrey!

  3. Well... there was this, from Ashli! :) "She really did do fantastic. She was so articulate and well put-together. And her views were reasonable (unlike all those other women's voices they were playing), and I think will make others think and hopefully act positively. And I think she really did something positive that could literally impact millions of viewers. I was very proud of her!" PLUS Ashli blogged about it on her own blog. That was pretty rad.

  4. What do you mean nobody commented?

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