Saturday, May 10, 2008


You'd have to see to believe what we accomplished today. My kids and grandkids blew me away with everything they did to help me on this yard. The secondary water isn't working (probably cut a line during recent construction in the area) but besides Steve moving a ton of dirt and building the boxes for my raised vegetable garden, they trimmed, clipped, weeded, raked, cleaned, organized, emptied the garage and bleached the floor. We had Aubrey & Steve's dog staying out there during Christmas vacation when they visited and there was a lingering odor. They also worked really hard on a flower bed to make it nicer for the annuals we plan to put in and Justin & Krista gave me a gift certificate for the flowers! Now the place is really shaping up.

I'm very happy with the Mother's Day gift they gave me and there's nothing I would rather have them do for me. Thanks!!!

It was also Ashlie and Olivia's piano recital today. Thursday I watched Alex play T-ball! What a hoot. It's actually coach pitch and he does hit the ball - then he grins from ear to ear as he runs to first. It's a busy weekend for sure.
Of course I didn't have my camera at the T-ball game - I went straight from work. I'll add one next time.

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