Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day & May Celebration

Emma & Jasmine (Cakes created by their mothers, Jennifer and Kiyomi)
Had a nice day with most of my kids. Nat and her family were with the other side of their family today but we saw them yesterday. We miss Aubrey and her family who can't be with us yet. We hope it won't be too much longer and that her husband (Steve O) can complete his Army service without having to go to Iraq or other middle east areas. They have their fingers crossed and are counting the days.

We celebrated Emma and Jasmine's sixth birthdays - they are two weeks apart in age. We also evaluated everyone's DISC results and it was very interesting.... turns out the Miller guys really are a lot the same. No wonder they are dangerous when together as a group! Of course they can also be very productive together - synergy.

For Mother's Day, Jennifer got a hilarious card from Noah. He gave her a vase he had decorated with a flower pencil bouquet. The card had a butterfly drawn on the inside, Pokemon on the outside and it said, "Happy Mother's Day Mom! Love, Noah" on the main part. Surrounding that is "You smell like feet!" and "Look, it's Christmas" and on the inside, "You love me and I love McDonald's." What more could a mother want?

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