Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Program Planning

Today I will spend the whole day (8-5) in program planning - one of my least favorite things to do and it's always a fight to stay awake! The idea is to plan how we will meet the Healthy People 2010 goals for the state, in keeping with Federal guidelines. Of course with limited access to health insurance for so many people, it's hard to set such goals....

In politics - I've never seen such a disappointing array of potentials for President of the United States. They're all scary in their own way if you ask me. Even the "nice guy" B.O. is showing a side that I wouldn't want to see in the Head of State and he has some really frightening friends/supporters. He also says he will halt all nuclear weapons???? Hilary could eat nails and says she will reform health care but she scares me too. McCain - well, he's all the Republicans could agree on... but at least they agreed, so I guess that's something. I'm afraid it's a reflection of our society.

I should add that I am totally supportive of racial blending of politics as well as both genders rising in these ranks and I believe that all Americans should be considered on their merits, totally aside from sex and color (these should be non-issues). Of course we know reality is that only the very wealthy will ever really be eligible... I just wish the candidates better represented the values and had more strengths I believe are needed to lead the nation.


  1. I completely agree. Makes me terrified to vote... and even more terrified not to. Mostly I'm just praying!!! lol


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