Thursday, June 5, 2008

Japan Trip 2008

It's time to update the family photos - this is about 18 months old. Jordan, Kiyomi, Chris, Julia, Jaelyn and Jasmine.

Chris, Kiyomi and their four children are on their way to Japan today for the summer. They are excited to see their Japanese friends and spend time with their "Papa." Chris will be gone for 10 days taking them there and in August he will return for a week to pick them up. It's a great experience for them to study abroad each summer because they go to school while there but we miss them and every year we miss Jordan's birthday which falls in July.

They will be in Yamagata, in the North (not shown on this map) but I think it's above Sendai and it was in Chris' Sendai mission. Sapporo is the only mission further north. So, they travel to Tokyo, then take the bullet train to Yamagata. All together they are about 24 hours traveling.

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