Sunday, July 27, 2008

Amazing Concert!

Steve and I (and his mom) were fortunate to get tickets to see one of the two performances of the Pioneer Day Commemoration Concert which featured the Mormon Tabernacle Choir ("America's Choir"). It was also the culminating concert of The Osmond's Fiftieth Anniversary World Tour. Marie pointed out that it was not HER 50th, however. The original four started at Disneyland, then were made famous on the Andy Williams Show. They hold the record for the longest performing group that has not changed any of its members - helps that the're family, but even families have disputes and breakups or even loss by death. They still do a wonderful job and the MoTab really rocked! I didn't follow the Osmond's closely in the 70s and 80s when they were quite big (140 albums) but I appreciate them and really enjoy them now, in their "old" age. They also paid a special tribute to their parents. For more photos and Deseret News photo credits, click on the post title.
Six of the Osmond Brothers. I also enjoyed seeing Merrill (the one with the white hair and beard) perform in Hale's The Civil War. One of the brothers has MS (Alan? Second from right) and uses a cane. He sometimes is on keyboard, especially for the high-stepping numbers. I especially enjoyed their rendition of Through the Years.The Tabernacle Choir and Tabernacle Orchestra were outstanding.
The finale was incredible - hearing impaired brothers Virl and Tom (on either end in front) joined them for I Believe and He Ain't Heavy. they signed and swayed with the rest of this amazing family.The Conference Center seats 21,000 and they were at capacity both nights with many disappointed folks who couldn't get tickets. It is the last concert the Osmonds plan to do as a family so it is the end of an era for some of them.
Although the concert will mean an end of some things, and even though the family is getting older, "we are at a beautiful time in our lives," said Marie.

"This is really the culmination of everything we've done," said Donny. "It will be the end for some. Could there be a better place for that to happen?"


  1. From your Facebook flair: "Their There They're; It's REALLY not that hard!"


    - Jon

  2. OK, I stand corrected and it's fixed. This is the problem with having an entire family of copy editors! I should know better than to publish without serious checking for errors.

  3. I learned from the best. Years of science, history, & biography fairs, and book reports... :)

    - Jon

  4. What a nice post with great photos. The Osmonds have been such wonderful representatives of the church through all the years. They have had terrible struggles and trials and imperfect lives just like the rest of us, but they never lost their testimonies and they have always kept their values and priorities strong. They are absolutely beautiful people - inside and out. (and we all had a rockin' good time this weekend!)


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