Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Grandkids Say the Cutest Things...

These kids are so fun~ I wish I had been recording all the cute things they say. I always told their moms to do it but somehow missed the idea I could be jotting them down too. Please excuse the indulgences of a doting grandmother!
Josh at age 5

One of Joshua's favorite books from the library is about a hug that travels through the mail from the grandma to the child - person by person (The Giant Hug) At age 5 he went to the post office with his mom to mail something for Alex's birthday. He asked the postal clerk his name, "Ramon" he replied. Then he just went about his business and paid little attention to Josh. When they got outside the post office, Josh started crying. Aubrey asked him what was wrong and he said, "now I can't tell Alex I love him and he's still my best buddy and I want him to come and visit me [in Kansas]." He thought the message would be relayed person to person as in the book. His mom explained and they called Alex on the phone! (July, 2008)

Josh is very excited about starting kindergarten. In Kansas it starts mid-August. He was looking at the list of things he needs and said "I already have shoes and a backpack and a lunchbox" (they have full-day kindergarten there and Jenn gave him one for Christmas) Aubrey told him he also needs some shots and he said, "I will be very brave." He MUST be excited! (July 08)

Josh commented to his mom, "We have lots of families - like 10 families. Grandma, and Grandpa, and Grandpa Doug - he's the newest one [not sure what this means but they don't see him very much - he's Jeff's dad]- and Grandma Kenna (Jeff's mom)...." Aubrey explained that she died and he said, "I don't want grandma Kenna to died; I want her to come back." Aubrey asked why and he said, "because she is our families." (like, duh!) (July 08)

Josh was having pancakes for breakfast. He got out his "special knife" and then left the room for a minute. When he came back in he saw Aubrey cutting his pancakes. He got excited and said, "You are using my special knife! I knew I could count on you."

Liz at age 3

"Mommy, I got sad drips on my pillow." (My granddaughter, Elizabeth, age 3, when her mom got her from her room following a time out). (July, 2008)

Tapping her tiny pencil sharpener, Liz said, "Dad, do you know what's in here? Magic!" (July, 2008)

Following her cousin Julia's baptism, Liz said, "Daddy, I'm gonna get bathtized?" He said, "Yes, Lizzie, you will. When you get big like Julia." "But daddy, I am big! Please I get bathtized." (April, 2007)

"When the scary part comes you could just put your fingers on my face so I can't see the scary part." (Liz proposed a way to handle some of the movies they like to watch - July 2008)

Liz came into her dad wearing his watch, "Daddy, it's twenty-eight of clock so it's time to play." (July 2008)

Liz: "Mommy, I'm having a hard time playing." (July 2008)

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