Thursday, July 10, 2008

This 'n That

The old bench was getting worn and ugly. Ken used his talent with wordworking to refinish it and carve the name. It's beautiful and sturdy now. (I almost wish I had taken a "before" picture - it looked like it was ready for the landfill)
Ashlie, Olivia, Alex, Rob and Nat enjoying their relaxing vacation
Emma and her friend from Texas - Jenn's good friend from high school, Tiffany, and her family were here to visit over the July 4 holiday. The kids cooled off in our backyard.
Noah, Adam and Texas friends
Noah charges forth...
Trying out my new digital camera - it's so small it fits in my iPod soft cover so I can carry it with me all the time for those "Kodak moments" - or I should say "Nikon moments "

Chris on his gas-saving transportation - what's a mother to do? His commute is 25 miles each way. Jon has a matching one, but at the moment he has it torn apart rebuilding the transmission.
Jon, Karla & Madi
Jenn, Ken, Natalie at birthday barbecue
Todd, Sheila (visiting from Tucson), Marie (Grandma B)
Chris and Rob sporting their summer haircuts; Jenn & Nat trying to get some air flow on a hot day
Liz & Alex, the birthday boy

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