Wednesday, August 27, 2008

In case you're wondering what I'm up to...

I wrote an article along with another nurse midwife about pregnancy loss. It is now on our website so if you care to read it click on the post title - it will take you there directly.On a more positive note, I received a complimentary copy of a fantastic book illustrating the growing baby in pregnancy using 3D ultrasound pictures of babies in utero during the various stages of development during pregnancy. Thanks to Kim of Life in a Shoe blog for recommending me. In exchange for this nice gift from the publisher, I am putting in a plug. This is perfect for teaching children about the developing baby without maternal nudity as is so prevalent in such publications. Here's what Harvard Health Publications (author) says:

Your Developing Baby

By Peter Doubilet, M.D., Ph.D., Carol Benson, M.D.,
and Roanne Weisman<

Congratulations, parents-to-be! You're about to embark on a momentous journey. Even more exciting, you're the first generation of parents who — thanks to 3D and conventional ultrasound — can actually “see” your child before he or she is born. This wonderful, one-of-a-kind guide takes you through every stage of your baby's development, from conception to delivery — with more than 200 images and drawings to illustrate each glorious moment.

Get a guided tour of a baby's journey with:

  • Breathtaking 3D images of babies' f aces, limbs, and other features
  • Detailed 2D ultrasounds of developing organs and bones inside the body
  • Visual pointers on what to look for, and what you're seeing, on the screen

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