Saturday, August 30, 2008

Last Sunday Photos

We hadn't planned this to be a family dinner because the Jacksons were going to the inlaws to celebrate Olivia's birthday then we were doing it later (this week) for our side of the family. But Grandpa Jackson ended up in the hospital so they had to cancel. Olivia was heartbroken since it was her actual birthday after all! So she called after I got home from Church and asked if she could come to my house for dinner. We had been watching Kenlee so Justin and Krista were also heading up here to pick her up. I hadn't planned dinner so Krista offered to cook for us - yummy beef stroganoff and we had to have cake! Olivia did not feel so neglected with her impromptu party. We're still celebrating so I guess it's birthday week for her.

Jenn and Nat with Emma, Kenlee, Olivia, Ashlie, Alex and Elizabeth
Adam was entertaining Kenlee by playing "Littlest Pet Shops" with her.
Olivia and her sibs, Ashlie and Alex
Alex, Grandma, Olivia, Rob, Ashlie. Let them eat cake!

Chris doesn't eat (unless you count cold cereal, milk, saltine crackers and Coke) when Kiyomi's gone so once a week we try to feed him too whether he needs it or not. Here he is with Justin and Krista More of Olivia's celebration on the Grandma's Brag Blog. Check it out!

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