Friday, August 29, 2008

Random Musings

It's very difficult to see loved ones hurt. It's even more difficult to see people wrongly accused by those who don't know the whole story and who influence the vulnerable. And it's almost unbearable when the person under attack is actually the one who has been bending over backwards to do more than most anyone in the world would be capable of doing under the circumstances - when they are not only NOT doing what their accusers say but ARE actually doing great good.

It's frustrating to try to teach someone and help them when they don't want to hear and would prefer to remain ignorant.

Selfishness kills; only love and service heals. You love those you serve; not those who serve you. Some of my favorite classes at Education Week were by Doug Brinley who discussed selfishness and the role it plays in marriage failure. Selflessness breeds love. He suggested we jot down three things that would be signs of unselfishness toward one's spouse and three things that would be selfish acts. It's a good exercise to cause one to look deep inside.

The trouble is that when someone has been emotionally damaged, there is a black hole and they keep trying to fill it up from the outside. No matter how much they suck in, the hole is never filled - it can never be enough to erase the damage. It's like a dehissed wound (after surgery sometimes the incision ruptures). It has to heal from the inside out; it can't just be closed up on the outside and heal without complications. It requires constant attention and help. In the emotional wound, it requires the Savior's love to help it heal. It is very difficult to "do good to those who despitefully use you and persecute you."

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