Saturday, September 20, 2008

Aubrey on Oprah Clip

This clip is from the beginning of last Thursday's show to the end of Aubrey's piece. At the very end they also showed her as they said good-bye and thanked those who participated. The opening is there so you have some idea what they are talking about in case you didn't see the show. If you only want to see her slide it over to 7:15 on the counter.


  1. Yes--this beautiful, intelligent and articulate woman is my Baby Sister!! (Probably she's turning out so well because when she was a baby I PROMISED her that I would never ever tell her, "I hate you"--which I knew was a very big commitment, as I was heading into some turbulent and dramatic pre-teen years!) Anyway, I'm fairly confident that she's the only person in my family that I never yelled that to at some point, so I'm sure all that personal self-control I showed throughout her youth has somehow made a difference, and I can take some credit for her success now!! LOL:)
    I am still in shock, however, that she is all grown up. :( How DO these things happen??

  2. Just found this on your blog. I didn't realize you had this on here! So embarrassing. Except the good reminder that once upon a time I was skinny. :) That's always nice. I had a Kansan accent!!! Where'd that come from?! I had no idea!


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