Thursday, September 18, 2008


Aubrey made it on the show today. I couldn't see it at work so Chris taped for me. Even though she didn't get to say what she really wanted to, Jon assured me it was great! We're really proud of her and this is an opportunity that doesn't come along every day - a first for our family for sure.

To give some credit too - it was a major stress and accomplishment for her.
  • Steve is out of town so she was on her own with the kids (something she doesn't do well anyway).
  • She had to read the book, of course. She downloaded it when offered for limited time by Oprah so she had to read it online.
  • It was quite short notice to gather her thoughts.
  • She had to speak many times to the producer, present her ideas in written form just to be chosen for the interview.
  • Her last pair of contacts (out of money) were saved for the show but the kids had lost her lid to the case and a mosquito had gotten on one contact. She refused to put something that had a dirty, gross mosquito on it in her eye so she had to wear her glasses (confidence damaging).
  • She had to make arrangements for babysitters for both boys, Josh to get to school since taping started at 8:00 A.M.
  • She had equipment delivered Monday night at 10:45 PM so had to wait up for UPS.
  • She had a practice run to be sure she could operate equipment (computer, mike, camera).
  • She woke up very early on Wednesday and kids were sick! She called me at 5:30 our time wondering what to do - cancel after all this? She had to modify babysitting arrangements because now kids were sick (who wants to tend sick kids?) and Josh could not go to school. No extended family in the area!
  • She had to do her makeup, hair, etc. and be ready in time to get the kids to sitters and be calmly in front of satellite camera.
  • She did it! Taped Wednesday (then she had to arrange to send the equipment back to Oprah).
  • She showed up and was not edited out. Yay!
  • She did a super job - she was articulate and clear. Of course we thought she looked beautiful too!
Undoubtedly there are a million more details I don't even know about but anyway, Way to go, Aubrey!

If you missed it I heard they do re-runs after midnight. Don't know if it's the same day or the next.


  1. Wow, I guess I complain too much! You really do have every detail down. lol! I suppose I shouldn't call you every time something stresses me out, eh? haha! Well, thanks for the credit... It really did wear me, out. haha

  2. She really did do fantastic. She was so articulate and well put-together. And her views were reasonable (unlike all those other women's voices they were playing), and I think will make others think and hopefully act positively. And I think she really did something positive that could literally impact millions of viewers. I was very proud of her!


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